Hi there. I would like to say I absolutely love Sweet Pea designs. I have done many and never had any problems. The written instructions all with pictures are second to none and any beginner will find them very helpful. When your design is completed you cant believe how professional they look, you cannot wait to start the next one. Annie Hannon Australia
Annie Hannon
I absolutely love Sweet Pea designs! I am a long time digitizer and recognize one who has taken the time to learn the process. These designs stitch beautifully! Each project is fun to create because it is a sure thing that it will stitch well. With great directions, even the most intricate design can be completed successfully and in a reasonable amount of time! Let it suffice to say that I want all of the designs, but this designer is prolific and I cannot complete a project quickly enough! Oh for more time....and more designs in my collection. Thank you SPD for what you do and how you do it!
Jeannie Horton
I just purchased a few ITH designs yesterday, I haven't actually made any if them yet, but I had a few questions and Annette was quick with her reply and helpful with an issue I had. Great customer service is a huge plus with me, and they have super cute, new and fresh designs. I hope to try making at least one today! Thank you Sweet Pea!!
Rena Degutis
Until I found Sweet Pea I had spent years machine embroidering dish towels, t-shirts, towels...whatever I could. I got to the point that I thought if this is all I do with this machine, then I have spent way too much money!  Then I discovered SweetPea.  I did her egg mug rug and I was hooked forever. I didn't know the first thing about ITH, but with great instructions and Allison being there to help me in a pinch, I have progressed to the point that I have confidence that I can do anything!!  Sweet Pea has grown from basically a one person operation to a great team. Sweet Pea have beautiful, exciting projects and detailed instructions!  The customer service is beyond amazing and the family business makes you feel like you are also part of a very special family!  The team is so hard working and tries in every way to help us. You can see they truly love what they do and take great pride in it.   It is evident Sweet Pea love their customers and encourage us every step of the way in our growth! I feel I am blessed to find something I love to do so much and a company I trust!  I love Sweet Pea and wish all the best in the world for them!
Lorie Ward