How to Make Adding Zippers Easy

Zippers can seem like a daunting addition to a project, especially if you are not an expert sewer and the zip isn’t incorporated in the embroidery design, or you want to add a zip instead of something like snaps or buttons. But it doesn’t have to be feared! With the right tools and instructions, adding a zipper can be done by anyone.

One great option we have is our Zipper in the Hoop design:
zipper in the hoop design
We made this design specifically for our machine embroidery designs and sewing patterns, but it can be used in all kinds of craft projects. The design makes it easy to plug it into your embroidery machine, with detailed instructions to follow.

This design is perfect for adding in zips to any project. While the design does not tell you how to make your dress or cushion, it does show you how to use the design to insert a zipper into the two pieces of fabric you are using. This makes it super easy, instead of needing to know how to sew a zip in.

However, if you do want to sew instead, we have video tutorial on this as well!

We also have a great range of Sweet Pea zippers if you are looking to restock your collection.

Do you find zips difficult? Let us know in our Facebook Group – we have a great community who are always happy to help!