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If you are in the Sweet Pea machine embroidery group you would already be familiar with these cute little gnomes. We asked you to take these little ones out and about with you and snap a quick picture in an interesting location. Throughout the month we chose weekly winners; Cathy Begin-Nielson, Karla Newman Morlan, Brenda Sigler & Annette Donohoe. We asked everyone to then vote for their overall winner and the Grand prize winner was Cathy Begin-nielson and her Game of Gnomes and the Spice Boys.

Below we have featured some winning photos including their stories. We have also included a few more fun stories and beautiful pictures for you to enjoy. What a great month of fun and entertainment we all had. Now it's time for the Gnomes to celebrate their holidays. Thank you for everyone who participated.

Overall Winner - Cathy Begin-Nielsen

Even if Queen Pink had been turned into the one-eyed, one-horned, flyin' purple people eater, Link would still have immediately recognized his beloved Queen. Convincing her to come back to the castle was a different matter.
“Don’t worry Queen Pink, there’s enough of a stink at the castle that we have plenty of flies too”
Interestingly enough, the word STINK for some unknown reason, got her hopping.
Link leans in and gives the Frog Queen a kiss.
Everyone in the hall behind Link is thrown back onto their butts.
“Oh my gnome, Link, you’ve shrunk!”
Yes, the worst thing possible has just happened to Link. In a matter of a lip smack added to the power of the spell, he has gone from a 5-inch gnome to less than a 4-inch gnome.
Jinks, the giant immediately steps out of the pile of gnomes and volunteers,
“Please everyone, let me go next”
"Queen Pink, we thank you for this fine feast you have prepared for us. We are soooo stuffed!"
Gnome place like home with Link, Tink, Bink and Queen Pink for the holidays.

Weekly Winner - Karla Newman Morlan

There's no place like gnome - I came downstairs this morning and this mess was on my kitchen table! I have no idea what Dan, Larry, Roy, Bert, Carl, and Eric and the mess are doing there. I've been known to sleepwalk when I was younger, but sewing in my sleep? I don't think so. What are these guys up to? In Roseville, California
There's no place like gnome - One final group shot as 24 of the 33 gnomes made will be on their way to spread holiday cheer to the young and old as I'm out running errands tomorrow. It gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling when I walk up to someone and ask them if they would like... (last year it was candy cane holders). It puts a smile on their face, and mine. I decided to keep the elders, Terrible Trio, and a smaller set of three I made as fond memories of the fun I had with the gnomes. In Roseville, California.

Weekly Winner - Brenda Sigler

There is No Place like Gnome. Bingles, Bink, and Bixi are from an Illinois stop on the mother road. The journey begins...
There's no place like Gnome. These 3 little bud's decided to stow away on a cruiseliner for their adventure, going to the Caribbean and ports unknown.

Weekly Winner - Annette Donohoe

Introducing Nested, Knotted & Loopy...despite their names this was a quick & easy stitchout. Photo taken on our morning walk at Towradgi Pool looking back to Wollongong, NSW, Australia. Please enter in competition. Thanks.

Charlotte Fitch David

We have been all over the place today. Here is a picture of us walking across Abbey Road after we went to Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields. We were Here There and Everywhere. It truly was a Magical Mystery Tour. Mom made us come home when we started singing Why Don’t We Do It In The Road🎶🎶🎶🎶 🤭. There is no place like gnome 🤣

Marla-Ann Wolfe Cooprider

There’s No Place Like Gnome in rural Indiana. Farmer Billy Jo loves to drive his tractor and pull his boys, Bobby Jo and Bubba Jo, in the wagon. But Bubba Jo is a little blue because he thinks he’s big enough to drive.

Joanne Cormier

No place like Gnome! Captain Nome, Skipper Jo and First Mate Sonny have decided New Brunswick is not the nice sunny weather their hearts desire and have asked to sail off to the Sunny South!
First Mate Sonny has a bit of problem with self esteem as was born with a few birth defects, but takes his First Mate duties seriously!

Anne Moorhouse

I, too, am loving these “Gnome from Home” stories. Phegnomenal. The art of story telling is alive and well.
Here’s mine:
Meet the Beard Brothers. Their names are: Grey Beard, Blue Beard and Black Beard. They are pirate gnomes and sail the Seven Seas. They were born in England but will spend Christmas in South Africa and then move permanently to New Zealand in the New Year.
Black went missing for a few hours. He was found in the galley drinking all the rum rations (evidence is evident...)
I’ve heard whispers among the other two: “Mutiny on the Bounty” and “He’ll have to walk the plank”.....

Ann Dilbeck

Looks who’s coming to life! Better than an ultrasound!

Lyn Olsen

camping. SSSHHH. I hope we get to go.
Buttons, Stitches, Zippie have you ever heard of camping
Looks like fun but all this packing up

Sandra Grant

There's no place like Gnome. Winkin, Blinkin & Nod call Cairns, Australia home, where the rainforest meets the reef.

Rhonda Bieda

Gnome place like home. 3 cousins, Gnorbit (Bitsy), Gnipsy and Gnorbert (Bertie) are joining Santa's train in hoping to help with Christmas. Merry/Happy Christmas to all.

Theresa Courchesne

And the fun begins, here at No place like gnome, uh Gnogwarts.
The gnomes of Gnogwarts had gotten bored with some of their classes and snuck off to the train, were they raided the trolly of some of its goodies.
Meanwhile, back at the school, The professors where already deciding their detention. The headmaster says he will tell them after their visit to the nurse, as they will all have belly aches vey soon.
Looks like it may be an interesting year for our new students

Marie Osypian

“No place like gnome”

Oh now my little boys are in trouble!!! Time to bail them out.

Nancy Matthews Miller

Harry, Homer and Hubert are all celebrating the holiday season by getting out their convertible to go cruising to see all the Christmas lights and decorations! Life is Good!

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