Charity Wise owl mugrug 4x4 5x5 6x6 7x7

All proceeds from sales of this design will go to the Fred Hollows foundation. Every time we reach $250 AUD we will be able to restore sight to 10 people.  We will show records that will verify we are doing what we say we will. 

This is a cute mugrug with an Owl appliqué for the 4x4 5x5 6x6 and 7x7 hoops. 

The mugrug requires only one hooping and it is completely finished requiring only a few centimetres of hand sewing to close where the mugrug is turned out the right way.

They are quick and easy to sew making them perfect for craft market stalls, gifts or your own home.  They would be great for the man in your life or your beer drinking pal.

Full photo instructions and directions are included with your purchase.

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Designs come in all formats except ART. Bernina's can use EXP. Formats pes, hus, sew, xxx, jef, vp3, vip, mit, dat, dst, exp etc. All formats are included with your purchase.

Instructions are included in German and English


The Fred Hollows Foundation Mission statement:


Many people are blind because they don’t have access to quality and affordable eye health. Since The Foundation began, we’ve restored sight to more than 2 million people – often with a simple, 20 minute operation.
We see a world where no people are needlessly blind.


Thol was living with her four children, Chang, 18, Jay, 13, Thas, 8, and baby Cheet. When she was pregnant with Cheet, she developed cataract blindness in both eyes. If that wasn’t bad enough, her husband abandoned her – he didn’t want a wife who was blind. 

With four children to support, Thol found herself alone and reliant on her children for her food and care. She couldn’t work or move around freely so she spent her days isolated in their makeshift home – a tiny bamboo structure balanced on a wooden platform to keep the floodwater at bay.
There was barely any shelter: when it rained, the family huddled under a rickety tin roof and a torn plastic sheet.

Before her operation, Thol and her four children were facing tough circumstances. Her three eldest children couldn’t go to school and spent their days fishing or collecting and selling bags of rubbish for a meagre sum. Thol would stay at home, isolated. Unable to keep an eye on her baby, she'd constantly reach for Cheet, afraid that he would crawl off the platform and hurt himself.

These brave children faced a painful reality every single day. With their mother unable to make a living, they needed to do whatever they could to avoid starvation. Life is cruel for many children, but the shocking part of this situation is how easily it could be changed.

Thol lived a mere 10 minutes away from the nearest hospital - but there was no eye surgeon.

When Thol could see again, the smiling faces of her beautiful children beamed back at her. But she also saw the condition of her home and surrounds. It shocked her. This wasn’t the life she wanted for her children. 

These days, she’s selling vegetables and her older children are going to school. Jay, Thas and Chang don’t have to fight for their survival. They can be kids again. They’re being looked after and baby Cheet is now playing happily under his mother’s watchful eye.

Our first receipt for $500 on 15 Dec 2017.