About Us

Hi I'm Allison Nash and I am the owner of Sweet Pea Machine Embroidery Designs.  

I live in Brisbane Australia in the sunshine state of Queensland.  I am really an accidental business owner, never really intending to start a business.  I have been a stay at home mum since having my second child in 1995 and have always loved sewing clothes, quilting and embroidery.  

My mother taught me to use her sewing machine when I was only 5.  I bought my embroidery machine not really knowing what I was going to do with it but had the idea I might quilt my own quilts.  On buying my machine I could only find square quilting designs and nothing that really interested me otherwise.   Being the determined person I am I decided to make my own designs and started to study digitising.  I have got to admit there was more involved than I initially thought but I am stubborn and persisted.  I had the idea I would sell what I was sewing but could not find designs I like.  So I just kept on designing.  

I sold my first designs on Etsy and it just grew from there.   In March 2015 I started my Facebook group and finally met my customers.  It has been an incredibly rewarding experience and I love introducing embroiders of 20 years or more to 'in the hoop'.  I have so many designs I want to do and not enough time, so here's to many years of sewing ahead of us.