Our very popular "retailer scheme" is a great way to make 30% on all designs purchased for classes you hold.

  • Once you are set up as a retailer on our website you only need to log in to our retailer site retailer.swpea.com and you will see all our designs at 30% discount.
  • The easiest way for you to make the 30% profit on each and every design your students use is to purchase the quantity you need for the class from the website – 1 per student and then preload USBs with the design.
  • You charge your class participant/student the full price for our Sweet pea design, cost of the new USB (if they need one) and then keep the 30% discount for yourself.
  • Of course the more classes and more students = more revenue for yourself.

If you would like to join our affiliate program as well please email us at annette.robbie@swpea.com

You will need to explain to us in detail what your store/company does and how we can mutually benefit each other.