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Incredi-Thread Testimonial

"I am extremely particular when it comes to embroidery thread. I am a lover of threads with as much sheen and lustre as is possible. I have in the past purchased sets of cheaper threads which always promised high quality, however upon sewing with them found the quality so underwhelming that they found their way into the bin. Thus my hesitation these days to try any new threads. I'd rather stick with my tried and trusted. However, when Sweet Pea recently offered the opportunity to purchase one of their fabric bundles and receive the brights thread pack for free, I knew I would have to be crazy not to take up the offer. Afterall, the thread was virtually free! When my package arrived I was immediately impressed with the presentation of the threads, all tucked away in their little box, designed specifically for the thread set. Well, the threads were literally calling out to me to give them a test run. And so began my love affair with Incredi-thread! The brilliance of the colours was impressive. They are simply beautiful. The lustre is like no other thread I have used. And so far I have not experienced any thread breakages, even when the stitching is dense. The fact that you can use them for virtually any sewing project, be it embroidery, or general sewing, makes them highly valuable to my thread collection. In fact, I have been so impressed with these threads that I have now ordered several more sets in other colorways. But don't tell my husband :)"

Michelle Huntly

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