Business and Marketing Team

Allison Nash

Owner & Digitizer

Annette Robbie

Business Development Manager

Deanna Robbie

General Manager

Kayden Walsh

Marketing Manager

Erin Payne

Content & SEO Manager

Christine Vance

Marketing Coordinator

James Nash


Tim Dawson

Customer Service

Sweet Pea Designers

Emma Wakeling

Senior Designer & Digitizer

Silvanna Sawyer

Graphic Designer & Digitizer

Nadia Baguley

Graphic Designer & Digitizer

Sewing and Machine Embroidery Technicians

Martyn Smith

Educator & Creative Design Technician

Cassie Brown

Sewing Manager & Machine Embroidery Technician

Alyssa Stover

Senior Machine Embroidery Technician

JungIn Cha

Machine Embroidery Technician

Katie Jones

Machine Embroidery Technician

Friends of Sweet Pea

Cathy Lawrence

Design Tester

Lorie Ward

Design Tester

Rita Wetzel

Design Tester