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What is the
Affiliate Program?

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Your store can leverage Sweet Pea's popularity to earn commissions of up to 30% on eligible Sweet Pea digital designs and up to 15% on our physical products!

The Sweet Pea Affiliate Partner Program serves as a marketing collaboration that enables registered and participating retailers to earn commissions on sales directed to the Sweet Pea Machine Embroidery designs website ( through trackable links and QR codes.

Once a customer you've referred makes a purchase on our site using the trackable link, that specific transaction gets traced, and you receive the applicable commission for the sale.

It's that simple! 

Process To Register As Affiliate Partner

Register as a Retail Store or Class Partner: Click the orange button below! For other influencers: Scroll down and click the yellow button. You'll be directed to register through our affiliate partner software, impact.

Retail and Class Partner 

Not a store?

If you are a social media influencer, if you have a crafty blog or have another means of reaching a crafty audience, we would love to work with you. You are eligible for an influencer commission 5- 15% on eligible product sales. Simply click the yellow button below to register. 

All other influencers

For any additional questions, feel free to reach out to us at

Let's team up and work on a collaboration together.

After Approval: Next Steps for Affiliates

We'll give you helpful guidance on using your new affiliate dashboard. Everything from creating content to making QR codes comes with the new affiliate software.

To ensure you earn your commission, your customers must visit and buy from our website using YOUR TRACKABLE LINK.

This link also works as a 14-Day affiliate cookie. If a customer purchases anything on our site within 14 days after using your link, you'll earn your commission).

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Educate your customers and earn affiliate commission at the same time

We have made it easy for you to offer our designs in your classes by simplifying our program. All you need to do is refer your students to our website using your unique affiliate link.

Once you register to teach our designs in your class, you will be enrolled in our Sweet Pea Affiliate Program.

By directing your students to our website through your affiliate link, any purchases they make, including the class design, will be credited to your store and you earn a commission of yo to 30% on eligible digital designs and up to 15% on eligible physical products.

Please note that our affiliate program has a 14-day cookie policy. This means that if a customer clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase within 14 days, you will earn the commission for the sale.

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on a user's device when they visit a website. It tracks and records the user's activity and preferences - in this case, to track if a purchase was made through your affiliate link.

Use your affiliate link in your newsletter & website

Your affiliate dashboard will have a section called "content". That section contains Sweet Pea designs, product and promotion images that you can download and use in your newsletters and your website.
Just make sure you use  your unique trackable affiliate link with those images. 

Use your affiliate link
in classes

Offer your customers Sweet Pea classes. You can direct your students to our website to purchase the class design and physical products (if required). 
Just make sure you link your unique trackable affiliate link to those images in your class advertising.

Use your affiliate link in store promotions

Make up some Sweet Pea samples for your store and direct your customers to purchase the design on our website using your unique trackable affiliate link or QR Code.