pressing tip for PU leather


Helpful when doing Flip and Fold techniques

Some fabrics we use can’t be pressed with an iron. So, we use a “dolly” (a tightly rolled wad of cotton or linen) to transfer the heat from the iron, to the seam, without un-hooping the work. A Dolly is an old tailoring term for rolled up fabric to be used as a pressing aid.

dolly in use for pressing PU dolly in use for pressing PU

Vinyl and plastic type fabrics can’t endure the heat from an iron but often need pressing during a project (i.e. this flip and fold technique we are using with this bag). Make a Dolly out of five layers of calico (seeded cotton). Each piece was cut about 25cm (10”) long by 10cm (4”) wide. Stack the calico pieces and then rolled them tightly and roughly hand-stitched through the outer layers to prevent the Dolly from un-wrapping.

dolly - tightly rolled wad of fabric dolly - tightly rolled wad of fabric

Place the Dolly under the iron to heat, then transfer that heated surface directly onto the seam that required pressing. Leave the Dolly in place until it cools or move the work to a cold surface to set the seam. Test any foiled PU fabrics first and it’s always a good idea to test press any novelty fabric to ensure you know there will be no surprises!

creating a dolly using a dolly

 A Dolly is a great solution for pressing PU leather. Give it a try and let us know how you go in the comments!

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