A sticky mat is used with a cutting machine (eg Scan & Cut/Cricut/Silhouette) to hold your fabric in place while your pattern design is expertly cut.

Like anything, the maintenance of your tools will ensure the best outcome and most enjoyment with each of your projects.

Nothing is more frustrating than starting a project only to discover your sticky mat has lost its stick.

There are a number of ways to return the stickiness back to your mats:

1. Baby Wipes

  • Gently wipe down with unscented, alcohol-free, bleach-free baby wipes. You want the plainest wipes you can find. While coconut oil and aloe vera is great for the skin you want to avoid adding additional lotions, oils or solvents to your sticky mat. These additives will break down the stick or adhesive in your mat.
  • Let dry before using.

2. Warm Soapy Water

WARNING! Keep the temperature warm when washing as excessive heat can warp some mats.

  • Grab your sticky mat and take it over to your sink and wash with warm soapy water.
  • Dish soap is the best, but do keep in mind you want to keep this as basic as possibly. Avoiding any additional lotions or oils that are added to hand soaps.
  • Simply wash your mat with a soft cloth or sponge until all of the bits and pieces has come off.
  • Let dry completely.

These are some gentle options for regular cleaning, which is highly recommended, to extend the life of your sticky mat and to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck.

If these gentle cleaning methods don’t cut it, you can try bringing out the big guns and using an adhesive remover. These sprays are designed to break down some of the layers of adhesive to allow you to remove the build-up from your mats.

WARNING: Be sure to check which adhesive remover is recommended for your sticky mat as each adhesive is different and each spray has different strengths.

We highly recommend a clean as you go method for your sticky mat's maintenance, however every now and again (especially after using felt) you may have to use an adhesive remover.

Using an Adhesive Remover:

  • IMPORTANT - Read the directions of the adhesive remover you're using and follow them precisely.
  • Pour or spray a small amount onto your mat.
  • Spread it around with a scraper, or any stiff piece of plastic like a ruler.
  • Allow the product to sink in and start to work. The longer you wait the more it will remove. This is where it is important to confirm to read the directions on your bottle.
  • Use your scraper to scrape the dirty adhesive off your mat. You can also wipe it off with a cloth or paper towels.
  • Wash with soap and warm water to remove any leftover residue.
  • Let the mat dry completely.
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