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In Australia, the weather has really cooled down, and we are feeling a little festive! Even for our southern hemisphere family, while the weather may be warm, you may already be planning your Christmas projects so you can be ready as Fall (or Spring for us Australians) rolls around! Either way, to celebrate a little Christmas in July, we are throwing it back to our Snow Globe Ornaments.

Collect your Supplies

The first step is to get all your goodies together for the ornament. You will need:

  • Soluble stabiliser and cutaway stabiliser
  • At least three or four colours of thread
  • Fabric options for your snow globe “ornaments”
  • Choose one: PVC for the globe or fabric for the background if you choose to not use PVC
  • Optional: sequins, beads, or other little additions to shake inside your “globe”
  • String or ribbon to hang the ornament

Setting Up

The next step is to get your embroidery hoop and machine ready to go. Hoop up your stabiliser, load your design, and make sure you have a neutral thread loaded.

The first few steps are all about placement lines! Add a placement line, add your batting, stitch it down, and add another placement line for the next step.

Adding Fabric

Now we are creating the applique. These steps will differ slightly depending on the design, but most involve stitching down the bottom of the snow globe (we used cork for this), then the fabric for the other pieces of the applique. Make sure to trim each part.


Take your hoop out and flip it over, then place your backing and secure with washi tape (like ours!). Stitch down and trim the excess.

Satin Stitch

Next is adding the satin stitch to the edges of everything. Ensure your bobbin thread matches your top thread so the backing has the same look and feel.

Snow Globe Time!

The next steps depend on whether you do PVC or fabric, but we will discuss PVC since this gives the best globe effect. Stitch the placement like for the PVC, then trim any loose threads at the back. Add PVC to this side and trim.

This next step requires a steady hand! Carefully cut away the soluble stabiliser from the front, then use a Q-tip with some water to get rid of any stabiliser left on the edges. Be careful to dry this very well afterwards.

Add a Little Sparkle

If you would like to add sequins or glitter; sprinkle them into the snow globe area now! Then add the PVC to the front and stitch down. Cut the excess of the front and back, put the hoop back in the machine and embroider the satin stitch around the globe. Again, ensure your bobbin thread matches your top thread.

Final Touches

Remove your design from the hoop, trim excess, use a Q-tip once more for any extra washaway, making sure to get it out of the little loop at the top. Allow to dry fully, add your thread or ribbon and voila! Ornament complete!

***Note that this is a quick rundown of the design, based on our video, and full, detailed instructions are included in your design purchase. We have two snow globe designs – Set One and Set Two – as well as lots of other ornament designs. We also have a sale from 11 – 28 July on all Christmas designs before 2023, so get this and more on sale now!

If you do make this design, whether it’s now or closer to Christmas, please share it with us! We love seeing what you create. And let us know below – do you want another set of Christmas ornaments this year?