jacket embroidery showcase

A great thing about our embroidery is how versatile it can be. One thing we love doing is using embroidery on clothing and perhaps most commonly, on a good denim jacket! It’s so fun to see how a design can be used in so many different ways, whether it was originally meant for a bag or quilt, or started as a design for clothing specifically.

Clothing embroidery is super popular with our Sweet Pea family as well, so we wanted to share some we love in this showcase:

jacket embroidery customer makes 1

jacket embroidery customer makes 2

jacket embroidery customer makes 3

It’s amazing how many designs can be transformed onto jackets! These customer makes are only a small selection of the great things we have seen you add to clothing, and we have even more designs specifically for jacket embroidery, but the creativity customers show always gets us excited. From birds and butterflies to Australian animals and flourishing flowers, embroidery is a great way to customise your clothing. It can be as simple as one design on the back centre, to using different parts of designs and covering the whole back of your jacket.

If you have added embroidery to a denim jacket – or any other clothing item – remember to share your makes in our Facebook Group or on Instagram and tag #sweetpeadesigns – we love seeing what you create!