Everything You Need for Your Halloween House!

It’s Halloween season! Or at least, it sure feels like it. Even down under the spooky season has hit full speed and we’re enjoying PSLs and pumpkins all around. Before October creeps up, this is the perfect time to make some Halloween projects so they can be out all through the official spooky month. We’ve collected some of our favourite items for home and divvied them into the appropriate theme to help you out and best of all, any design before 2023 is also currently on sale, so stock up your cart today!


Fall Vibes

If you want something a little more seasonal and less of the spooks, we have some great pumpkin and orange-hued items to bring the outdoors in (or bring a little northern hemisphere to the south, for those of us in Australia and New Zealand!).

Fall Halloween ITH Designs

For the dining room


Creepy Cute

At Sweet Pea, making things cute is our thing! So of course, a vast majority of our Halloween designs take the creepy and make it cute. Whether it’s because the kids love it, or you want to create a less fear-inducing atmosphere, our creepy cute designs are perfect.

Cute Halloween ITH Designs

Wall hangings for your entryway or living space

Table centres and mug rugs for the coffee or dining table

Other toys and décor


Spooky Ooky

There’s nothing like a little horror at home over the spooky season! If you like the traditional monsters and creatures of the night, we have some great designs to add a gothic feel to your home.

Scary Halloween ITH Designs

To decorate your home

For the party table

Wall hangings


Whatever theme your Halloween home takes, we hope there’s a little Sweet Pea in there! Please share your spooky home décor in our Facebook group or grab some discounted designs before the sale ends.