Framing your Embroidery Projects

Once you have completed your projects, what better way to really appreciate your work than to frame and display them?

Sometimes it is a project that you have started, but have just run out of steam completing.

Don't waste that block - frame it!​​​​

Your framed designs make fantastic decorations for the home and are a great talking point for when guests are over! They also make original, meaningful gifts.

Start with by measuring your backing fabric to your selected frame. Your backing fabric should be the full size of the frame.

Place the mounting board on the backing fabric and mark the fabric with a fade out pen or chalk to get the placement for your design.

Mark both the inside and outside of the mounting board.

You will want to ensure that you're using a marker that can be erased as you do not want to see these marks once your project is framed.

If you do not have a mounting board, like our image, use the backing of your frame or the frame itself to measure.

Marking the lines on the inside and outside of the frame will help when lining up your project in the hoop.

Once you have the measurements for your frame, cut your backing fabric and get ready to stitch.

We have used an 8x12 Hoop for our project and a combination of the Otter from our Festive Fur Friends Table Runner & embroidery from our Heart of Fold Cushion.

The first placement line should like up just inside the mounting board. You can double check this by placing your mounting board over your hoop.

Not to worry that you can see this, we'll un-pick it.

We recommend lengthening the stitch for your placement line to make it easier to unpick at the end of your project.

Once you have your design stitched out, it is ready to pop that beautiful project in a frame.

Remove your project from it's hoop and place it under your frame or mounting board. Mark on your stabiliser or fabric the outline of the frame or mounting board.

Cut away your excess fabric and stabiliser.

Unpick your original placement stitching.

And then place your artwork in your frame. To ensure that there is minimal movement in your frame tape your project to the backing board of your frame.

We have used washi tape as this is a frame we would like to re-use with new designs to display throughout the year.

This is our Valentines Inspired Otter (Festive Fur Friends Table Runner) embellished with Heart of Fold embroidery.

Once everything is in place. Display your artwork for all to see.

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