How to do 'in the hoop' Wedding Ring blocks
Today I would like to share with you our beautiful Wedding Rings Quilt and Block design. The Double Wedding Ring pattern first came to prominence during the great depression The design consists of interlocking circles pieced with small arcs of fabric. The finished quilts are often given to commemorate marriages. Whether you make this beauty as a gift or for yourself, once finished it will surely become a family heirloom. Traditionally these quilts have been very labor intensive and not a quilt for a beginner, or the faint at heart. With today's awesome computerized embroidery machines, it is now possible to create an In the Hoop (ITH) Wedding Ring quilt in a very short time and with very little machine embroidery experience. Let's Begin...
  1. Load your Sweet Pea "Wedding Rings Quilt and Blocks " design onto your embroidery machine. We supply all embroidery machine file formats in our designs ( except for "ART"). You just choose what file format you need and also choose what hoop size you want. We supply multiple hoop sizes for you to choose from as well.

2. Follow the instructions ( complete with photos at every step) either from your computer screen or print them out.

3. The fabric requirements are included in the instructions.

please view the attached video for further instructions

Wedding Rings Quilt and Block 4x4 5x5 6x6 7x7 in the hoop

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