Want to share your favourite Sweet Pea designs

on Facebook ?

Here are the 5 easy steps on how to share Sweet Pea Products/links on Facebook

Note: On the sample shown below I am using a Web Browser from my mobile phone but the steps should be the same when using a laptop/computer.

Step 1 - Visit swpea.com and look for your favourite design.

  • You can either tap/click "Search button" and type in the name of the design

1 3

  • or use "Catalogue" to find the design you like.


Step 2 -

Once you are on the page of the design you are looking for, scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the blue Facebook icon. Click the Facebook icon.

Step 3 -

You will be directed to Facebook. On the top Left side of your screen, you should see "Share to Facebook". 6

Step 4 -

Tap/Click "Share to Facebook". You should see available options on how to share your post. 7

Step 5 -

In this sample I have shared the link on a Facebook Group, so I have chosen "Group" from the given options. Just type in the name of the Group where you would like to share the post and Tap/Click "Post" button below. 8

Well done you have now shared a link on Facebook!!

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