A well trimmed applique can be the difference between a good project and a fantastic one.

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Applique in your Sweet Pea project

The applique used in our Sweet Pea in the hoop projects differ to 'pre cut' applique where the applique piece/shape is cut out already then adhered to the project and the embroidery is done around it. Applique in our Sweet Pea projects start out as a piece of fabric large enough to cover a placement line that is stitched onto the hooped fabric, batting and stabiliser. The applique fabric is then stitched down in place .Then the embroidery hoop is taken off the machine and the excess fabric is trimmed away close to the stitching line whilst still in the hoop.

How close do I trim my applique piece?

We recommend trimming 1-2 mm away from the stitching. Any closer and you risk cutting the stitching or even worse the applique. How far away you trim depends on the final stitching you will be using, if it is going to have a satin stitch around the applique you do want to trim close to the stitching so that the applique fabric does not show from under the satin stitching. We do have some designs that require satin stitching and have a modern 'doodle' outline stitch. This stitch does not cover the raw edges of the applique piece and it is meant to fray a little. In this case careful precise trimming of the applique is not quite as important.

What scissors should I use?

machine embroidery applique scissors This is a very personal choice and you may well end up with a drawer full of scissors before you find a pair that you feel very happy with. We have many pairs of scissors and there is always a different pair needed for that particularly tricky curve or corner. Allison demonstrates a couple of our favorites in the following YouTube video.

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