Fantastic sew-a-long group

What a wonderful group we have had for our January Sew-a-long. It is by far the largest group we have ever had at 3698 members. This group has only been assembled for 2 weeks and what a 2 weeks it has been. We picked a simple design in the Frangipani mugrug and we have been BLOWN away with the variety in all the stitch outs. Thank you to everyone who has participated and posted a photo or many photos 🙂
Thank you to those who joined with the best intentions of finishing their mugrug in the allotted time of 2 weeks , we all know that things come up that way lay our best intentions and that is perfectly fine. Thank you to everyone who have offered their support to those who have asked for help in the group. and finally thank you all for your unwavering support of Sweet Pea 🌸🌸

We will be announcing all up and coming sew-a-longs in our Sweet Pea Facebook group ( click on image below to join)

machine embroidery designs facebook group

Just some of the wonderful photos we have seen in the sew-a-long group

machine embroidery designs sew-a-long machine embroidery designs sew-a-long slr_gardenparty_border

To view even more of the wonderful photos in our sew-a-long Facebook group

It is easy to view ALL the photos that have been posted in our sew-a-long group all in one place. Please follow the directions below

if viewing on a desktop or laptop

machine embroidery designs sew-a-long on a desktop or laptop

if viewing on a phone or tablet

The prizes


and the Winners are

machine embroidery designs sew-a-long winners machine embroideryn the hoop frangipani mugrug