FLOWER-CLUSTER-GE Whilst our Northern friends are heading into their Season of Fall / Autumn we in the Southern hemisphere are about to Spring into our warmer months. We are thinking about venturing out into the freshness of the Spring where the light warm breeze remind us that Summer is only around the corner. Spring is a blissful Season full of the promise of longer day and warmer nights. Nature awakens and the air is filled with the sounds of birds and the perfume of flowers. JD element 12 With spring in the air we thought we would share some of our favorite designs we have seen posted in our Sweet Pea Facebook group. facebook symbol These are all machine embroidery designs made in the hoop (with some assembly required with a regular sewing machine). JD element 13 There is nothing better than the colours of Spring to get you invigorated and inspired. Please take time to have a look at our Spring Designs video and get inspiration for your next 'in the hoop' machine embroidery project. for lots more design inspiration for your next Spring machine embroidery project...... http://swpea.com/ JD element 2b
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