Our PDF files are US Letter size in layout and print successfully on A4 size paper as well. Some PDF files will require joining to ensure all perimeter lines print without problems. There are alignment marks printed for pages that need joining. Lay the corresponding crosshairs on top of each other and tape into place. Please ensure that the PDF prints at 100% in size and that scaling or “fit to page” tabs are unchecked (not ticked) before sending to print.
Our Cutting List for fabric requirements is generated by the files provided. If you wish to enlarge or decrease the files for a different size (by using the printer scaling option), please be aware that the fabric requirements will change. If you have scaled a design, please print the PDF file and check it against the scaled SVG file to ensure the scaling percentage is identical. Some adjustments may need to be made within different SVG software to obtain the correct sizing for the cutting machine, if scaling has been applied.
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Thanks very helpful for the computer illiterate
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