Here are a few little terms you might come across while beginning your new adventure into the world of Machine Applique. We'll start with some simple terms just to get the ball rolling so that we can really get into it.

If you have any questions or additions to the information here, we are always happy to hear it.

Applique: Applying a fabric shape on top of another fabric or a background fabric to create a pattern or design.

    Machine Applique: Using a sewing machine to sew a decorative stitch around applique designs, to define a design and create texture. Depending on how you prefer your project to be finished you have the option of using raw edge or turned edge for your fabric shapes. Some common stitches used:

    • Zig Zag
    • Blanket
    • Straight
    • Decorative Stitch

    Hand Applique: A traditional technique in which decorative stitching is done by hand around applique pieces to enhance the design and give texture to each applique piece. There are many stitch techniques used to do this:

    • Needle Turn
    • Back Basting
    • Reverse Applique
    • Faced Applique
    • Freezer Paper Template on top
    • Freezer Paper Template on bottom
    • Freezer Paper & Starch

    Raw Edge Applique: Using a adhesive or fusible to stick fabric shapes to a background fabric. This is then stitched over using either hand stitching (Hand Applique) or a sewing machine (Machine Applique).

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