We have made the decision to sell our products exclusively online through our website: swpea.com. We have talked to a number of Retailers and they have advised us that sales of CD's in shops is no longer the way to go.

Our plan is to form a mutually beneficial partnership with our Retailers.

We are hoping that retailers will run classes using our designs. This will help promote our product and on the flip side it will provide incentive for your customers to learn the wonder of "In the Hoop", attend classes and buy and upgrade their machines and consumables etc. We have found that our designs are a great motivator for people to purchase embroidery machines.

We provide a 30% discount off all of our designs for Retailers. When you run a class, for say 10 people, you can purchase 10 of the one design off the website and then you will be able to charge your students somewhere between 0 and 30 percent off the design - which will allow you to make a profit on each design.

We are also happy to send you designs for free to sew up samples for your store.

From experience, the retailers already working with Sweet Pea have experienced a large increase in the number of sales of embroidery machine and lots of upgrades.

If you would like more information please email us or click on the link to apply to become a retailer.

To apply to become a Sweet Pea Retailer - click here