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It’s not uncommon to end up with lots of fabric scraps and bits of thread when machine embroidering. It feels like a lot of waste but it doesn’t have to be! Rather than adding to the rubbish bin, why not use those scraps for some fun projects? Not sure what you can do with all the excess? We have some ideas for you...

Make your own fabric

Did you know scrap fabric and thread can actually be made into your own custom fabric? Yes, you can make fabric out of all those odds and ends! Saves you money and saves the planet at the same time. We do this in a few of our projects (such as our Make Your Own Fabric zipper purse), and even have a design specifically on how to make your own fabric blocks with scraps!

 make your own fabric steps by sweet pea

Use your fabric as stuffing

It sounds simple, but fabric makes the perfect stuffing for all kinds of projects – stuffed toys, pillows, and even door stops! Obviously, we often use these in combination with other softer, more uniform fillings, but fabric scraps can be a great way to pad out whatever you are using. In our door stop project, we filled it with marbles for weight, then the rest with fabric scraps.

 sweet pea door stop with fabric scraps

Incorporate your scrap

While naturally we love using scrap in our machine embroidery projects, there are some other fun crafts that you can use your thread and fabric scraps in. One great way to use them up while also getting them out of your house is to add it to Christmas ornaments! Many craft stores have clear ornaments you can open up and stuff with whatever you like, including thread or fabric. This makes a great custom gift for friends and family. This article by Slice of Quilts offers some inspiration and tips to do this.

 slice of pie fabric ornaments

Add it to your sewing/craft room décor 

If you just want somewhere to store your threads and scrap when they are not being used in a project, or want a super quick, super easy solution, make it part of your décor! If you keep old jars or candle holders, pick a pretty one and stuff it with threads. It not only looks beautiful but is a great way to create a memento of all your projects. You can also use a vase (we recommend thrifting one if you don’t already own some). These are often called “ort jars”.

 ort jar

Want to see how else you can use scraps? We also have a great blog on how to use scrap fabric for patchwork projects. And if you try any of these ideas for yourself, tag us on Instagram or share them with our Facebook Group – we'd love to see your creations!

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