using stabilizer in embroidery

When tackling a new machine embroidery project it is always important to have the right equipment and material on hand. For those of you who have done a little bit of research online, you will have seen a lot of advice leaning towards using test samples to zone in on the right stabilizer for your project.

However, the overwhelming number of stabilizers on the market, may make this an impractical starting point for those unwilling to kick their families out to make room for machine embroidery supplies. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t use test samples of material and stabilizer once you have a better idea of which kind to use. Using test samples is also a great way to find out if stabilizers work well together as sometimes using a single heavy duty product is less effective than using two lighter products.

Instructions on How to Use Double Side Tape
And Pin Your Stabilizer to Your Hoop

Before hooping stabilizer in your hoop, we recommend that you line the outside of your inner hoop with a double sided tape. The brand that we used is called X-PressIt and is about 6mm wide. You can get it in all different widths but this was the width that suited our hoop the best. This tape will stop the stabilizer from moving and puckering when your machine is embroidering.

Hoop up two layers of stabilizer in the hoop size you wish to use. This extra layer of stabilizer adds extra support. We also recommend pinning the stabilizer right around the perimeter of the hoop. Please take notice of how we have done this in the photos below. We are basically trying to keep the stabilizer as still as possible while the machine is embroidering.