If you haven't tried Echo or Outline Stitching or if you're just looking to sharpen your skills, here are a few tips for you.

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1. Start Simply - Start with some simple shapes or straight lines at first. Any amount of stitching practice is good and the more you do it the faster you will build up this skill.

2. Visibility - being able to clearly see what you're doing is key. Sometimes it can get hard to see due to the size of the project you're working on. The majority of our patterns are small, but sometimes you have a great big quilt to work on. Shift, squish and re-position yourself until you can really get a good look of what you're working on. If the angle feels weird, chances are your echo is going to look weird.

3. Use that Foot - A helpful guide for echoing can be the edges of your free motion foot. Use the left side of your foot as a guide and try stitching a straight line on a practice square. Then switch sides. This helps in training yourself to the approximate distance you need between stitching lines.

Note - This is good for practicing on straight lines, this does require more practice when starting to curve your lines. You simply have to stop watching your foot and focus on the space you are stitching into and the distance between the needle and the previous line.

4. Draw it - Echoing is about training, training your eyes to see the space, and your hands to know how and where to move to maintain it. It takes practice and until you can see these spaces easily, marking a line is a great option. This will help maintain a straight and even echo, but also help see how to move around the pattern.

5. Love your Mistakes - Sometimes making those little mistakes can make a project look more authentic. Creating a more wonky Echo Stitch still looks lovely. Don't stress too much about making things perfect, take time with learning and have fun with the process.

So those are our Echo Quilting tips!

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We have used our Bunny Bib Pattern and Applique for this blog.





I am very new to quilting anything but I’ve made a pillow that has an applique & Echo stitching to finish. I’m going to practice before I try it on the pillow & after watching the video I’m so much more confident. Thank you

Karla Stiverson

Karla Stiverson

This is so adorable and the echo quilting just finishes the block. How very cute, I would like to give this a try. Thank you.



Thanks for the tutorial! Gonna try it.

Judith Arnott

Judith Arnott

I ws uneasy about echo stitching until I watched the video. My left hand shakes occasionally, and I was too chicken to try. Now, with the right foot on my machine, I shall persevere and try again! Muchas gracias!

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