NEW! Caravan Appliqué and Quilt Sewing Pattern

With the release of our Caravan appliqué and Quilt Sewing Pattern we're having a competition to see the best of the best Sew Sweet Pea caravans.

We challenge you to make one of the blocks of this quirky and enchanting Caravan quilt and share it with us.

You can pick any caravan block and style it anyway you like.
You can make just a block or incorporate it into one of our other patterns, the choice is yours.
You can add embellishments to your caravan (no other designer’s appliqué or patterns are allowed).

You have until 30 October to make your Caravan block and post it in our Sew Sweet Pea Facebook Group or email us

The winner will win a $50 Gift Voucher as well as a full refund for the purchase of their Caravan Appliqué Quilt Pattern.

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Sew Sweet Pea's Caravan Quilt is absolutely endearing. Dream of packing those bags, hitting the road and pulling up to your favourite holiday locations, all from the comfort of your favourite room in the house (your craft room).

“Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets” ~ Oscar Wilde

We have a series of scenic and inspiring blocks to take you away from all your troubles. Let's explore this new appliqué and quilt pattern ...

Our first destination is in the peaks and valleys of a breathtaking mountain range. We've managed to find the perfect location to take in the impressive peaks of the mountains, skirted by the gorgeous pine forest to set up camp.

Now let's settle in breathe in that pine scented air and get what we need for S'more's tonight.

From the Mountains to the Sea side, the surf is up in our next destination! Grab those boards and waste no time, the waves are crashing and the water is fine.

From sea to shining sea, a change is as good as a rest and after all of that surfing fun it's time to sling up that umbrella, string up those party lights and get that blender humming. Piña Colada's are always a good crowd pleaser.

While it's great to kick those feet up, it's time to venture on over to the lush, green, rolling hills of the country. Time to pull on those hiking boots and dust off those walking poles and explore.

After the our great outdoor adventures, a little RnR in the tall pine forest is called for. Let's pull in here and set up for a few nights.

Just breathe.

Take a moment to relax, look up and enjoy the twinkling lights of far away stars.

Our final destination lands us in a landscape surrounded by the waving arms of friendly cacti, but don't get too close they're a prickly pair.

A great new destination where the sun's first rays diminish the evening chill and paint a barren desert landscape with colours that change by the minute.

There’s no doubt about it – to travel is to live, to live is to sew, to sew is to inspire.

Caravan Quilt is available now. You have everything you need to make this wonderful holiday inspired quilt or blocks by hand sewing or sewing machine.

These picturesque caravan blocks can be used to make a quilt using our instructions or you can use them for any project you desire.

The files included are SVG and PDF files so you can use your cutting machine or print onto your fusible directly and cut by hand.

Files Included:

PDF Instructions

Layout PDF – Mirrored and NOT Mirrored

Pattern PDF - Mirrored and NOT Mirrored

Pattern SVG – Mirrored and NOT Mirrored

See our helpful Video and Blog - What are the files that we provide for:

Thanks for taking the time to travel around our latest pattern.

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