These two products are a match made in heaven !

BRAND NEW Sweet Pea Essentials Applique mat


Lite Steam a Seam 2.

Lite Steam a Seam 2 is a double sided adhesive fusible webbing. It is printable paper so you can print your pattern pieces straight onto it instead of tracing by hand.

Our design patterns come with placement and layout PDF files that can be printed out.

When using Lite Steam a Seam 2 you will need to print the mirrored version of the pattern onto the yellow grid side of the Steam a Seam.

Cut out all your applique pieces from the Steam a Seam, this can be done by hand with scissors or with a cutting machine using the SVG/FCM cutting files we provide.

Once you have your Steam a seam applique pattern pieces cut, you then iron them onto fabric.

Our NEW Sweet Pea Essentials Applique Mat is perfect for ironing your fabric. It is large at 15.75" x 23.5" ( 40cm x 60cm).

It is heat resistant - perfect for ironing

It is see through - perfect for applique placement

Peel off the backing paper of the Steam a Seam and place onto fabric. Then place iron straight down firmly for approx 20 seconds to adhere the webbing to the 'wrong/under side' of the fabric ( do not move the iron around on the fabric).

Cut your fabric applique pieces out with scissors or cutting machine

Print out the 'Feather Placemat Layout NOT Mirrored' PDF file and place it under your Sweet Pea Essentials Applique Mat.

You can use a light board under the mat to help see the pattern layout even clearer. We have a Sweet Pea Essentials Light board coming soon ( keep an eye out for it on our website

The applique mat is non stick but the Steam a Seam on your applique pieces has a temporary stick that will allow you to position your pieces correctly and make adjustments if needed.

Once you have laid out all your applique pieces on the applique mat it is time to apply some heat. You can iron straight onto the Sweet Pea Essentials Applique mat.

You will be able to carefully lift the feather up as one piece ready for sewing onto a background fabric.

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