hoop size and embroidery field examples

Ever wondered why your machine embroidery hoop sizes are different to the actual size they will stitch?

When you first begin machine embroidery, you assume that your hoop size is the same thing as your stitching/sewing/embroidery field. After all, the hoop indicates the size of the embroidery?

Well…not exactly. There are a few little accessories that need to be accommodated in order to work in the hoop. The presser foot, needle need some room to move around and stitch inside the hoop so that they do not hit the edge of the inside hoop. It is for this reason that there is a small margin around your embroidery or stitching, inside your inner hoop.

Here are standard hoop sizes and their corresponding sewing fields:

These are approximate sizes for the Hoops used for Sweet Pea Machine Embroidery Designs

Some machines take more than one hoop size, and stitch fields may vary slightly depending on your machine, so be sure to check your manual and test your hoops to compare your stitch/embroidery/sewing field.

We recommend making up a table of your hoops and the size of your stitching field as an easy reference for projects in the future.

If you would like to learn more about In The Hoop (ITH) Machine Embroidery we have some wonderful tutorials, online groups and a ITH Machine Embroidery course available.

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Our Online Embroidery Groups are a wonderful way to stay in touch with like minded ITH Enthusiasts, gain inspiration, share projects and get crafty in the hoop.

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We have a Pinterest page of both our ITH Machine Embroidery Designs and the wonderful projects made by our outstanding and creative customers.

It is a great location for inspiration and seeing the versatility of ITH Machine Embroidery.

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We have a wonderful ITH Machine Embroidery Course for those looking to learn a wonderful new hobby or gain a greater knowledge and further their techniques in the hoop.

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